Merrill Mixer, Tour Director

One day I Googled, How to Become a Travel Guide?” and discovered the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco.  On November 28, 2011, I along with 25 other kindred spirits – with 3 inspiring instructors started our 15 day training program in San Francisco.  It was intense, but awesome, and I was very happy with the ITMI program and all my new friendships!

I emailed my first resume to WorldStrides and have been invited to their training in January!

Since graduating from ITMI, I was able to attend the ITMI Symposium and 25th Anniversary in Sacramento.  It was a large convention of ITMI alumni, Tour Operators, and other Travel Industry people and I was able to interview with about 20 companies.  I loved networking and meeting other local tour directors.

I took the Sacramento FAM trip of and a second one to Coloma – Gold Country. Then did the same trip for training to do school tours. This last week I visited the California state Capitol, Sutter’s Mill, Sutter’s Fort, the Railroad Museum, and Old Sac all twice!  Hearing other tour guides’ commentary twice, and doing my own reading and research I feel like I know the factual information.

I now need to weave it into interesting commentary and storytelling.  Since I always go overboard – I have even more books on hold for me at the library to read, and a list of other museums, and locals tours to take – because I want to really know Sacramento. And, of course, Sacramento history involves much more than just Sacramento, therefore I want to learn aboutSan Francisco, Monterey, Napa and Sonoma, and the Missions as well…for starters.

I better get busy.  Besides the above mentioned research, I have to make follow-up calls and emails, and new leads to contact.

Here’s to new doors opening for me in 2012!

Update: Link to What I learned this Student Touring season

I presented Bixby Bridge, Hwy 1, and Big Sur.

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