About Me

I am the wife of the same husband for over 38 years, and mother to a daughter and a son.  I was born and raised in Oregon, except for the one year in California when I turned one and my sister was born, and the year I was an exchange student to Costa Rica, until we moved our family to a small town in southern Illinois.  After 7 1/2 years we moved back to Oregon.  While homeschooling my children I enjoyed learning history and taking field trips to U.S. historic sites.  As empty-nesters my husband and I moved to Sacramento, California where I worked as a Tour Planner/Manager.

We sold most of our stuff, quit our jobs, sold our home and stored a dozen boxes of keepsakes here and there and started out on a journey in early 2015 to slowly travel the world. We were making plans to return home to take care of business and return to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a long stay when we were invited to come “home” for Thanksgiving (2016) – to meet our grand-daughter!

We are presently living normal lives in the Portland Metropolitan area, but travel is always on my mind.

This is my story.

8 responses to “About Me

  1. Great Blog Merrill!

    You might consider applying to join ToursByLocals.com. I actually happened across your page in the middle of searching for a tour guide in Sacramento. I manage recruitment for TBL and would be happy to hear from you any time!

    Best of luck in all your adventures!



  2. Hi Merrill & Steve,
    I’m officially following you now! So glad to have crossed paths in Portugal. How are the Scottish dogs? Happy travels! Martha

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  3. Wow. This is the second blog I have found this morning where a couple has sold their house and possessions and gone travelling! Exactly my sort of people. We did the same, except we bought a yacht and sailed it to Greece! We don’t have a house. I’ve travelled all my life and consider myself a bit of a nomad. Have you ever been to Greece? We love it. Been to 42 islands so far. I look forward to reading more of your adventures.


    • Hi GeorgieMoon! Yes, I’m glad the Internet allows us to locate people traveling like us. I’ve learned so much from reading their blogs and feel like some of them are friends even though they we’ve never personally met!
      We have been on cruises with ports of call in Greece, but don’t really know Greece. I’d love to experience it better – and sailing sounds like an ideal way to do it!
      We’ve loved the Mediterranean countries of Croatia, Italy, Spain – and Portugal. Loved Thailand today.
      I’m glad you’re following – and I’ll be followwing you too! Happy travels!

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  4. Great blog! We are formally from Portland, Oregon. Lived there for 6 years in Beaverton. Our paths or friends we know may have crossed. Loved Oregon.
    We are now in Boquete, Panama. Our home base to explore South America and the Carribean. Once that is complete we plan on being home based in Spain or Portugal to explore Europe.

    Will follow your blog!

    John and Susan


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