Cost of 2 Months: Yucatán, Campeche & Quintana Roo, Mexico

We are home! That means, we are in the USA staying in an Airbnb in Spokane Valley, Washington to be exact.

Today I share our actual travel expenses for 60 nights of travel: Mérida for 31 nights, Campeche for 6 nights, Izamal for 1 night, Valladolid for 4 nights, a week in Puerto Aventuras and 11 nights in Playa del Carmen.

Total expenses came to $5542.50 or $92.38 per day for two people mid-January to mid-March 2022. This would’ve been a bit higher without some savings from loyalty programs, what I call travel hacking.

One Month in Mérida, Yucatán State

The cost for 31 nights came to $2106.53 or approximately $68 per day. Without the travel hacking, it would’ve been about $80 per day

The plan had been to book a month-long stay in an Airbnb once we arrived in Mérida. I waited because we didn’t know the areas where we would like to be situated. But I waited too long and there weren’t many available for a month-long stay. The best had been rented and the available ones penciled out to be more expensive than hotels or were not situated where we wanted to be. For a long stay it’s probably best to know a city well enough that you know the area in which you want to stay and book early.

Accommodation: $986 for 23 paid nights averages out to $42.87 a night. We actually stayed 31 nights, but 8 nights were free reducing the actual average nightly expense to $31.81. If we had paid $42 a night for those 8 nights our average per day would’ve increased approximately to $80.

  • Hotel Las Monjas, #4, $36.38 per night
  • Hotel Caribe, #16, $46.01 per night
  • Hyatt Regency, #8, free
  • Hotel El Español, #4, $34.26 per night

Dining: $972 comes to an average of $31.32 per day for 31 days. The food was delicious. I already devoted a post to describing it with words and colorful photos in A Taste of Yucatán.

Transport: $35.13 includes one $12 airport taxi to the hotel, 1 taxi and 8 Ubers. We walked a lot, but Uber was cheap we could walk one way and Uber back to save our feet.

Entertainment: $8.65 for our bus excursion to Progreso and one museum.

Miscellaneous: $17 includes laundry and one $3 bottle of mosquito repellent.

Tips & Alms: $87.75 includes tips for housekeeping, Uber drivers and restaurants as well as any alms.

Not included: Flight to Merida, medical expenses, souvenirs, nor overhead expenses from home.

Our travel isn’t an extravagant lifestyle, but I feel like a queen since I rarely do our own laundry, make the bed, clean or cook. In each location there are always more expensive options as well as less expensive ones.

The King room for $36.38 per night at Hotel Las Monjas was quiet and comfortable, had strong WIFI and good A/C.
We moved from Hotel Las Monjas because the pool was too small, the hot water too cold and the location too far.
Hotel Caribe: $736.10 for 16 nights for an average nightly cost of $46.01. We originally booked five nights to see how we’d like it and then booked an additional five nights, which we extended for an additional night. We returned again for five nights after our stay at the Hyatt Regency. I made the reservations on and got a different rate every time: $55.76 a night for 5 nights, $41.92 a night for 5 nights, $46.56 for 1 night, and $40.23 a night for 5 nights.
Hyatt Regency: Totally Free. We transferred 40K (5000 per night for 8 nights) Chase Ultimate Reward points to Hyatt. Reminder: Chase Ultimate Reward points are rewarded for opening new credit cards and monthly spending. Paying for a room here would have cost about $100 a night.

Hacking Tip: Since booking 15 stays in 2 years I recently advanced to Genius Level 3 on giving with each stay cash credits which can be used to pay for new reservations.

After we returned to Mérida from Campeche I chose to book at Hotel El Español on Paseo de Montejo (no photos) because I could use the credit towards payment. I booked two nights with breakfast which after applying our $52 credit came to 31.21 a night and booked a third night without breakfast (and no credits) for $40.35 for an average nightly price of $34.26.

Medical Tourism

Neither of us have jobs, and we are not old enough for Medicare, therefore we do not have medical or dental insurance. With a month-long stay in Merida we hoped we could get some dental work done and self pay because it would cost less than in the U.S.

It was a success! We both had cleanings, I had a new bridge made, and Steve got a filling and a new retainer all for $750 US dollars and it only required two office visits.

I had to laugh. After the dental work was completed I noticed advertisements in the free Yucatan Today magazine for several dental clinics including Quality Dental – the one we used! If only I had noticed it before wasting time walking to several dental clinics on Google Maps only to find them closed.

We got a recommendation for the same dentist as this ad – Quality Dental – from some “snowbird” expats we met at Starbucks. Dr. Iliana Carrillo at the García Ginerés location attended to all our care and did a great job.

I had two treatments at a Chiropractic and Mayan Medicine clinic. The first treatment gave me amazing relief. The treatment and a jar ointment cost $25. The second hour-long treatment of chiropractic adjustments with Mayan muscle and ligament work cost $20.

Medical expenses are not included in my Cost of Travel.

Campeche, Campeche State

The cost to travel to Campeche and back from Merida for 6 nights/7 days came to $650.20 or $92.89 a day.

Accommodation: $381 for 6 nights in an Airbnb for $63.50 per night.

Food: $183 or $30.50 per day, saving money by preparing coffee at home at least once a day.

Transportation: $62.45 includes $51.75 for 2.5 hour ADO bus roundtrip to/from Mérida, $10 for four transfers to/from bus stations, and $.70 for one combi ride.

Entertainment: $5.50 to Walk the Walls and Trolley Tour.

Misc: $3.75 laundry and W/C.

Tips & Alms: $14.50

The Casa Puerto Centro Histórico Airbnb had a private patio and dipping pool.

Link to Casa Puerto Centro Historico Airbnb

Izamal & Valladolid, Yucatan State

Total Expense: $472.15 for 6 days/5 nights – or $78.70 per day.

Accommodation: $212.50 for 5 nights comes to $42.50 a night.

  • Izamal: Hotel San Miguel Arcangel, #1, $31
  • Valladolid: Hotel Casa Hipil, $181.50, #4, $45.38 a night

Food: $148.50 averages out to $24.75 for 6 days.

Transportation: $68 includes $60 for private taxi for transport/excursion to Hacienda Aké and Izamal and $8 for the bus to Valladolid.

Entertainment: $20.25 includes Hacienda tour and Convent museum.

Misc: $3.65 for laundry service.

Tips & Alms: $19.25

Hotel San Miguel Arcangel in Izamal was $31 a night.
In Valladolid a king bed with breakfast at Hotel Casa Hipil cost $45.38 a night.
Breakfast at Hotel Casa Hipil included coffee, a drink and entree. Here we ordered two different entrees and shared.

Puerto Aventuras, Quintana Roo State

All Inclusive: $1218.33 at Catalonia Yucatan Beach Resort for 7 nights, averages out to $174 a day for all food, drinks, entertainment, gratuities and convenience at a resort on the beach.)

Transportation: $52.50 for ADO to Playa del Carmen from Valladolid and a taxi 14 miles down the coast to the resort.

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

The total cost for 11 days and nights: $1042 or $95 a day.

Accommodation: $658.33 for a one bedroom condo with shared pool on Airbnb for 11 nights is $60 a night. Condo hosted by Briar.

Food: $296 about $27 per day. We didn’t cook, but we made coffee and sometimes brought in fresh fruit.

Transport: $66.67 includes $22 taxi to Playa del Carmen, $40 to taxi to Cancun airport and one other taxi ride.

Misc: None, because the condo had a washer and dryer.

Tips & Alms: $21

Not included: $123 for four one hour massages including gratuities or the $150 refund for unexpected issues with the Airbnb.

Playa del Carmen
Two months in Mexico was on average less than $100 per day.

I share these expenses with the hope I might encourage a reader who has dreamed of travel to just do it! I show you how we have done it and if we can do it, so can you. When we moved from Oregon to Washington we found that being in-between housing and jobs presented the perfect opportunity to travel six months while our overhead expenses were less.

It’s been fun, but now it feels good to be “home” again with our young granddaughters. We are cooking at home and looking for a home base where we can settle down in-between travels.

When and where will I next Meet You in the Morning?

A tempura fish taco from Restaurante El Aguachiles in PDC.

I track all expenses using the purchased Trail Wallet app.

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Here is a link to a post I wrote about costs that exist outside of travel expenses Cost of Overhead Expenses

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