Colorful Mérida

Mérida is so colorful. Facades painted in all the pastel shades of the rainbow as well as all the hues not included in the rainbow. Green gardens planted with palm trees and riotous tropical flowers of orange, hot pink and purple. Even the food is colorful as depicted in the last post, A Taste of Yucatán.

In the center of a round-about at the north end of the Paseo de Montejo is the golden-colored stone Monument to La Patria – a circular Mayan-style monument paying homage to Mexican history.
Colonial homes in various states of disrepair line the city streets. The Centro Histórico area is becoming popular with expatriates who are rescuing and restoring many of the classic colonial structures.
Under the brilliant blue sky even bright white is colorful.
These white chairs are Tu y Yo chairs – aka Courting Chairs which they say are only found in the Yucatan peninsula. Legend says they are the invention of a jealous father who was unhappy that park benches allowed too much closeness between his beautiful daughter and her suitors. (And it wasn’t the Covid-19 virus he feared!) These chairs allow conversation and eye contact while preserving physical distance between parties.
Mérida has been a lovely place to chill for a month. Slow Travel has allowed us to wander and take in the colorfully painted facades around Mérida.

But it’s time to go. Our bags are packed; we’re on the move. Meet You in Morning next time from someplace different in Mexico.

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