Cost of Travel: Mexico

This was actually our third trip to Mexico since Covid. The first trip was only a week in March 2020. We returned for two weeks in Dec 2020-Jan 2021.

The following numbers are for 2 months: Oct-Nov 2021.

Mexico by the Numbers: 60 days…5 Mexican states…11 Mexican cities…17 different accommodations, adventure, confusion and memories galore at the cost of USD $6716.00.

Accommodation: $3804. Accommodation expense is 60% of total spent or $63.40 per day.

Transportation: $819. including all transportation between cities and airport transfers is about 12% of total. Not included: airfare to/from Mexico.

Food: $1692. is 25% of the total spent – an average of $28.20 per day.

Entertainment: $194 is about 3% of the total or $3.24 per day.

Tips & Alms: $159 is about 2.36% of total spent or $2.64 per day.

Miscellaneous: $49 is under 1% and about $.81 a day. Souvenirs not included.

Total Expenses: $6716.00 or $112 per day. Not included: overhead expenses such as car insurance, cell phone service, storage unit rental, mailbox service, VPN, gifts, charitable donations, taxes, etc. See Cost of Travel: Overhead Expenses.

How does that compare with what you spent in a typical month in 2021? Does your average spending give you a lifestyle that includes adventure, exploration in beaches and cities, eating out daily, hotel living, daily maid service and not having to do your own laundry?

That’s a very good question!

Our accommodations ranged from $35-$120 a night.

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