A Mexican Parade

We were happy to discover that we were in Mexico City for the celebration of the 111th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution and there was going to be a parade!

We saw the preparations for the parade and everyone we asked confirmed a parade was indeed scheduled, yet none could tell us when it would begin.

Everyone loves a parade!

We were lucky that we were in the right place at the right time and were able to watch the entire parade.

There were thousands of horses and riders.

Besides horses, there were marching bands, dancers, an orchestra, floats representing Mexico’s states, antique cars, and lots of enthusiastic marchers dressed in beautiful costumes.

Many of the horses had this checkerboard design on their rumps.
There were floats telling the story of the Mexican Revolution including this one of the Sordán home in Puebla.
We learned a little about the Mexican Revolution when we took the
Puebla walking tour. Remember the bullet-marked house in Puebla where the Sordán brothers were assassinated? You can read it here
Many marchers were dressed in historical dress.
I loved seeing the outfits from the different regions.
This guy was barefoot!
We watched the parade with this friendly gentlemen and police officer and were grateful for the information they shared and how happy they were that we were enjoying their parade. We felt welcomed!

The still photos are colorful but they can’t capture the enthusiasm, music and dancing as well as video can. I hope you enjoy this 5-minute video of several segments from the parade.

Vive México!

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