Puebla Travel Costs & Woes

We feel we’ve been treated very well – and honestly throughout Mexico. We’ve heard warnings about the scams: overcharging and short-changing. Sometimes there’s been a few pesos discrepancy between the price on the menu and what’s charged on the bill. No biggie; the menus are old and the prices have gone up. Some employees, especially at coffee shops (even Starbucks) are inconsistent if/when they charge for milk or extra shots.

I am so happy to be traveling again, but I miss my grand daughters so much. We will be heading HOME soon and will get to see all our family for Christmas!!! We took this selfie under a poinsettia tree!

Three times I have not been charged enough and the error has been in my favor! I’m thankful I can bring it to their attention and pay the appropriate amount.

When the village was blocking the highway our bus travel was interrupted twice. I blogged about this here when our first trip was canceled, but the second time the agent refused to refund the tickets. I was exasperated and frustrated when I didn’t get help calling customer service either, but eventually I emailed customer service and they agreed I was due a credit towards future travel. When we went to purchase our next bus tickets the agent explained the credit was only for the original routing! I told him we would not be traveling that route again. He didn’t know how to give us the credit towards our purchase so instead charged us the children’s rate – a 50% discount – giving us a credit greater than what we were due!

We generally prefer to stay at small local accommodations rather than international chains, but this price was too good to pass up!

It’s time to share the Cost of Travel – again. I am pleased that our daily expenses in Puebla are below $100.

Accommodations: $563.75. We stayed only 9 nights in Puebla, but in 4 different accommodations – again! Once again, there were problems.

  • Hotel Diana, 2 nights at $70 a night.
  • AirBnb, 3 nights at $53.60 a night.
  • Marquis del Angel, 1 night for $66.10
  • Four Points by Sheraton, 3 nights at $65.62 a night.
Hotel Diana was a great discovery! It was only available for 2 nights. We had a room with 2 windows on the right side of the 3rd floor.
We were tired of only having a bed to sit on so I was thrilled to find this King Suite with a sofa and a easy chair at Hotel Diana. It was a lovely large modern room with a 2-person bathtub!
We were more than surprised with this beautifully decorated one-bedroom apartment with sofa, kitchen table, and the most wonderfully soft sheets and cushy King-sized bed. We reserved it on Airbnb for one week, but that was not to be.
Our final 3 nights were at the Four Points Sheraton with a lovely King bed AND a fantastic view from the top floor for about $66 a night!

Food: $239.00. We generally eat only one main meal a day plus coffee twice a day and a usually a snack. We wish we could eat more but we just aren’t hungry.

We love the delicious fresh fruit!
Puebla has lots of rooftop restaurants with expansive vistas such as this one at Hotel Diana.
This is why we only need to eat one meal a day – they’re huge! This is what I ordered for Sunday Brunch. It included all of this plus coffee for only $6.40.

Transportation: $15.75. This includes some taxi rides, some buses/colectivos and some Ubers. This is the first town where Uber has been available. Not included: $24.50 bus tickets for two to Mexico City.

Entertainment: $14.50

Miscellaneous: $8.10. We had to do laundry twice.

Tips & Alms: $20.75

Total Expenses: $861.85 averages out to $95.76 per day for 2 people over 9 days.

We ordered cemitas at this sweet restaurant in a colonial courtyard named Belcanto. We were serenaded by a quartet doing vocal warmups and then practicing “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel” Zoom in to see a young man at the piano playing his part.

Always remember… Travel plans don’t always go according to plans. You have to roll with the punches.

The AirBnB was wonderful! Not perfect – because the bedroom window looked across the street to a restaurant that blasted loud “banda”music until 8:00pm. I was even able to nap through it.

Yet late Thursday evening we were surprised when a bar in our courtyard opened and started playing loud rock music. (Unbelievable how that was not mentioned in any of the Airbnb’s reviews! I complained to the host and they said there had never been any complaints.)

The next night was worse and the obnoxiously loud music and screeching people could be clearly heard inside our unit.

At 23:30 hours we wondered how late it might continue and knew we could expect a repeat Saturday night so we texted our host to say we had to cancel our reservation. Then we packed an overnight bag and stepped out into the night in search of a quiet hotel in order to get some sleep.

Around the corner was Hotel Diana where we had stayed our first two nights in Puebla, but there was no “room in the inn.” We dashed across the street to another hotel and there found refuge in a large beautiful room. Unfortunately the hard mattress prohibited me from sleeping, plus in the morning there was barely tepid water in the shower. Do we stay here for the next 3 nights? Thankfully, they didn’t have availability!

Our Airbnb host graciously canceled our remaining reservation, gave us a refund and didn’t charge for Friday night. (Apparently, the bar had only recently moved in. Sad, because it effectively can kill their Airbnb investment.)

We returned to our Airbnb to pack, but we needed to find someplace to stay for the next 3 nights. It was Saturday and there wasn’t much available.

Using Booking.com and carefully reading reviews we finally made the decision to move to a hotel outside of the historical center.

It turned out to be a great choice.

We were given a room on the top floor, that was quiet and had an expansive view towards the volcanoes. (I always wondered when using Booking.com if we were assigned less desirable rooms. We weren’t in this case!)

We discovered our new location was close to Puebla’s biggest mall!

We survived with a little help from MickyD’s and Starbucks! The hamburger and ribeye meals (lower right) cost $16 at the Galerias Serdán mall food court.

We’re made it to Mexico City! See you there.

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