Cost of Travel: Oaxaca City

We have departed from Oaxaca so it’s time to share our actual costs. Our expenses varied wildly from day to day due to changing hotels 4 times in 11 days.

Casa Conzetti Hotel was our 4th and final hotel in Oaxaca.
Conzetti Park in front of the Casa Conzetti Hotel.

We changed hotels a lot. Much like a Goldilocks story: This bed is too hard, this place is too hot, too expensive, or just right!

Accommodation: $758.13 for 11 nights comes to a daily average of $68.92.

  • Hotel Posada San Rafael, 1 night, $36.22
  • Hotel Magda, 3 nights, $36.23 a night
  • Hotel Boutique Casa Los Cántaros, $98.40 per night
  • Hotel Casa Conzatti, $69.00 per night
Hotel #1: Huge ants, hot and horrid. Stayed only one night.
Hotel#2: The very green, basic, but clean room at Hotel Magda. There wasn’t availability over the holiday so we moved again.
Hotel #3: A lovely tranquil place in a beautiful garden setting with strong WIFI and A/C.
Hotel #4: The orange room at Hotel Casa Conzetti with WIFI and A/C was a great value, quiet and in an excellent location. This one was just right.

Food: $347.73 for 2 of us. We ate really well, tried food carts and had fun sampling food other than tacos. Oaxaca is a gastronomical destination but we also ate Italian, Morrocan, and American food.

Oaxacan Tlayuda (bean, cheese, onion stuffed tortilla) with cecina (seasoned pork).
One day we lunched at a cute place that had a chalkboard listing the three entrees for the day. They all came with a delicious salad that included apple, starfruit, dried berries, radish, jicama, avocado and sprouts and a pitcher of melon drink, and tres leches cake. Steve chose the chicken cordon bleu with mashed potatoes and I had the ceviche and crispy plantains. Very gourmet for under $14 total.
These were pumpkin flowers stuffed with cheese, breaded and fried and served with a green sauce with cream and bean garnishes and served with corn tortillas. It was wonderful!
A plate of 5 delicious tacos for $2.25. We kept trying to eat here again but it was always closed until we got lucky. I had the al pastor tacos again and I think they are the BEST tacos I’ve ever had!

Transportation: $17.80 starting with $200MX for a colectivo from the airport which dropped all passengers at their individual hotels. We rode a few city buses and took two taxis.

Not included are transportation costs between our destinations. Airfare from Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca de Juárez was $300 for two of us. The 5-hour ADO bus from Oaxaca de Juarez to Puebla cost $64.60 for two.

To save our feet we hopped on buses like this for .40 cents each.

Miscellaneous: $5.40 for laundry.

We traveled in the ADO bus from Oaxaca to Puebla.

Tips & Alms: $27.40

Total Expenses: $1156.46 averages out to $105.13 per day for 2 people.

Ice Cream and a guava “popsicle” from a food truck at the park.

We loved Oaxaca and almost didn’t want to leave! We met some expats who had just moved there from San Cristóbal de las Casas and had purchased a place they were in the process of remodeling. As much as we enjoyed San Cris I agreed with the reasons for their move: sidewalks easier for walking, more parks and warmer winter weather.

Oh, but that was before Puebla! I can’t wait until I Meet You in the Morning in Pretty Puebla.

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