Huatulco vs Puerto Escondido

We divided our time between two very different Oaxacan beach destinations: Huatulco and Puerto Escondido.

The Huatulco area is made up of several rocky bays and is known for its quiet resorts, many which are all-inclusives. Puerto Escondido is a real Mexican fishing town that has several beaches. Zicatela Beach attracts a younger crowd and surfers.

Each place we stayed had a restaurant on site as well as a lovely place to relax, swim and enjoy the beach. Although many excursions are available at both destinations we didn’t take any.

Zicatela Beach is fronted by one long road lined with shops, hotels, hostals, and eateries.

Cost of Travel: Puerto Escondido

Accommodations: $375, $93.75 per night in a Standard King room at Hotel Santa Fe, Zicatela Beach, Puerto Escondido.

Standard King room at Hotel Santa Fe.
I love the Old Mexico architectural elements and design, the hand painted tiles, wrought iron and lush gardens at the Santa Fe Hotel.

Food: $126.36 averages out to $30.39 per day.

These were the best fish tostados ever from the Santa Fe Restaurant. Loaded with fish and amazing flavors!

Misc: $15.42 includes $3.26 for laundry and $12.16 for pharmacy.

Transportation: $12.60 includes $5.35 for 2 taxis for a round trip beach excursion and $7.29 (150$MX) to taxi to the airport. Does not include the $42.80 taxi fare we paid from Huatulco to Puerto Escondido because there are many options to fit any budget: rental car, taxi, bus, colectivo, private transfer. We taxied because bus service was once again interrupted by the village blocking the highway.

Tips & Alms: $14.93

Total Expenses: $540.35 on average $135.09 per day.

Sculpture on the beach.

Cost of Travel: Huatulco

Accommodations: $477.77 averages out to $119.44 per night in a Deluxe King room at the Camino Real Zaashila, Tungolanda Bay, Huatulco.

Camino Real Zaashila.
Beachfront Deluxe Kung room at Camino Real Zaashila.
The view of the beach.
I loved this pool.

Food: $132.99 averages out to $33.25 per day.

Transportation: $6.81 for two taxis to visit Crucecita. Does not include the $20.43 expense of taxis and colectivos to travel to Huatulco.

Tips & Alms: $12.22

The central square in Crucecita.
The church facing the Crucecita main square.
Restaurant’s facing the Crucecita main square.

Total Expenses: $629.79 on average $157.45 per day.

Huatulco is spread out across 9 different beautiful bays, a marina and a few small towns. There are many options.

I liked both destinations, but preferred our stay at the Camino Real Zaashila mostly because it was self contained: just steps to the restaurant, pool and beach.

The average per day costs came to $135 in Puerto Escondido and $157 in Huatulco, mostly due to the cost difference off the accommodation.

In the future, if we were to return alone or with our grandchildren, I would chose Huatulco resort. I would definitely look for an All-Inclusive resort. Sometimes they can be found for under $100 per person per day where the value is in all the included drinks and meals.

Both Huatulco and Puerto Escondido have international airports.

We flew from Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca de Juárez in 40 minutes with less passengers than traveling to Huatulco in the colectivo. The bus trip takes over 7 hours on a windy mountainous road. The flight cost $150 each.
Is the pilot Googling “How to fly…?”

Meet You in the Morning from Oaxaca City!

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