Hidden Away in Puerto Escondido

One of the two pools at Hotel Santa Fe.

The extremely hot and humid weather at the coast squelched any desire to go far in search of different places to eat. Over the course of our four days in Puerto Escondido you could find me at the hotel pool swimming and then reading and cat-napping in a shady spot.

It was also relaxing to feel the fresh ocean breezes while in the hotel’ second-story open air restaurant dining and watching the crashing waves, the people on the beach and the setting sun.
Chips, guacamole and salsa is so addicting especially when it only costs $3.
Late one afternoon we walked to the town of Puerto Escondido. We were sweating buckets so we stopped in at the Chedrui grocery store to cool off. This view is looking down on Puerto Escondido from the highway. Zicatela Beach is on the left (south) side.

Puerto Escondido has 7 beaches: Zicatela, Carrizalillo, Bacocho, Coral, Puerto Angelito, Manzanillo and Playa Principal.

Certain beaches are better for swimming and snorkling, others for body surfing or learning to surf. Zicatela hosts an annual international surf competition.

Zicatela Beach is a long, wide beach with wild crashing waves. It is hot in the day and the sand burns your feet. Crowds come out in the early evening to enjoy the cooler
temperature and watch the sunsets.
Hotel Santa Fe is on the left and is at the north end of Avenida del Morro the one way road that parallels Zicatela Beach
The beach side of Avenida del Morro is lined with lots of beach clubs with restaurants, palapas, and chaise lounges. It is a wide open public beach.
Food tastes better beachside.

After reading the reviews I chose to go swim at Puerto Angelito because a taxi can drive to the beach. Some of the beaches are only reached by 100s of stairs.

I wanted to swim in the ocean so one day we took a taxi to Puerto Angelito Beach, a popular beach with families because of its calm waters.
A paved path connects Manzanillo and Puerto Angelito beaches on this hidden cove.
There are plenty of shady spots where you can eat or get a cold drink for those who don’t swim.
Back on Zicatella Beach it is mesmerizing to watch and listen to the crashing waves. There are people on boogie boards in the water.
One of the beach restaurants on Zicatela Beach.
Our final night we enjoyed a pitcher of watermelon juice with fresh fish and shrimp spaghetti dinners at one of the many beach restaurants. That night’s sunset was the best.

Such a majestic destination comes with a cost! I’ll tell you about it next time I Meet You in the Morning.

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