Wonderful Waterfalls

There is the DIY way to visit the Las Cascadas del Chiflón from Comitán de Dominguez.

Hop on a colectivo from the T.P.A. station on the main highway. The drive is beautiful, will take about an hour and cost 35 pesos ($1.75) per person.

The colectivo will stop at the entrance to the park where red Tuk Tuks awaiting your arrival will drive you up the hill to the trailhead. The cost is 10 pesos (.50) each.

The park entrance fee is 50 pesos each, about $2.50.

The elevation here is 2000 feet.

There are bathrooms, food vendors, and cabanas for overnight stays.

The trail starts flat alongside the river but soon there are concrete ramps and stairs as you hike upwards. There are many benches along the trail.
The first waterfall you encounter is “Cascada El Suspiro” – The Breath.
A few yards up the trail you arrive at the “Ala de Angel” or Angel Wing waterfall.

The photos I had seen online showed the river to be glorious shades of turquoise, but we were disappointed. Researching online I read that the colors are more spectacular during the dry season. That explains it; October is in the rainy season.

The path takes you higher and the steps get steeper and finally the 394-foot-high “Velo de Novia” or Bridal Veil waterfall comes into view.
Looking above the waterfall you can see the lookout where you get rhe drenching as well as a peek of the “Arcoiris” or Rainbow Waterfall above.

The thundering powerful force pulls you closer and closer into its mist. Water flows over the final steps. Steps and handrails are very slippery.

Even though its like you’re standing in a rain shower with a strong wind you pull out your camera to capture the event and then hurry back down while you are soaking wet.
I’ve seen some beautiful waterfalls but this is impressive. There is a tremendous volume of water coming over this waterfall.

The trail actually continues to “Arcoiris” and “Quinceañera” waterfalls but you must decide whether to climb another 1/2 mile. I could not.

Watch to the end for a chuckle!

Taking the steps down were harder for me and I was pretty wore out by the time we get back. It took us two hours to hike the 1.6 mile round trip.

You will be tempted to take the easier way down – by zip line. There are 3 zip lines.

To return home, we repeat the steps we took to arrive except in reverse: take a tuk tuk back to the highway for 10 pesos each and catch the next colectivo back to Comitán for 35 pesos each.

The cost came to less than $7 each for this amazing daytrip.

We did not make it to the Lagos de Montebello National Park. We can save it for next time. I did read that it was best to take a guided tour as there are over 40 lakes.

Adios Chiapas state. Getting to know you has been a pleasant surprise, but we are anxious to move on and discover the state of Oaxaca.

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