Cost of Travel: Overhead Expenses

August 2021: We both quit our jobs and are hoping to take several extended trips in the year ahead. I guess that makes us happily retired!

In order to keep our overhead expenses low, we moved out of our apartment, sold one car and gave away or sold our furniture and are storing several boxes of possessions.

Over the years I have shared our actual Cost of Travel expenses on this blog to enlighten readers that travel does not have to be outrageously expensive and sometimes is cheaper than staying home!

Today I share some expenses that are not part of the costs that I share in our Cost of Travel posts, but are Overhead Expenses to include when budgeting.

Storage unit. Our 5’x8′ unit is not climate controlled and rents for $59 a month.

We could’ve gotten by with half as much space but nothing smaller was available. We have to keep old taxes and boxes of paperwork along my most prized possessions: a Turkish carpet, espresso machine, and family photos, Christmas decorations and momentos.

Rent a parking space. We have an outdoor parking space where we have our storage unit which rents for $64 a month.

Update insurance policies for rental unit and parked car.

Health Insurance: I looked into several options including self pay – or “go naked” as they say in the expat world, an Allianz travel policy and a monthly policy with Safety Wings which looks interesting. The insurance automatically extends every 28 days until you pick an end date and includes visits to your home country. In the case of the US, coverage at home is allowed for 15 days every 3 months after being abroad 90 days. Up to 2 children under age 10 (1 per adult) can be included free of charge.

To keep our immune systems strong we stocked up and a carrying a large inventory of vitamins and supplements.

We also purchased Covid test kits to meet the requirement for reentry to the USA. I purchased Abbott’s BinaxNOW™ COVID-19 Ag At-Home Test Kit 6 Pack for $150 ($25 per test) since we are planning several trips. Click here for more information:

Sign up for a VPN to protect personal data while using public WIFI. We chose NordVPN and pay $4.99 per month.

Rent a Virtual Mailbox. We chose iPostal1 and prepaid $99 for one year or $8.25/month. The app shows a photo of each piece of mail. One can chose for it to be trashed – or held for pick up. For a fee, mail can be opened and scanned, shredded, forwarded – even internationally – and checks can be deposited. I have attempted to reduce the quantity of mail coming to our virtual mailbox by requesting “paperless” and to be removed from charitable organization’s mailing lists.

Technology: We use our Global T-Mobile account for traveling instead of buying SIM cards. It’s just easier. We pay $84 a month.

We sometimes pay for the NFL game pack, Netflix or other movie streaming platforms. I use the library system to read free e-books.

Flights: I generally don’t include the flight to and from on the trip expense because how it affects the daily expense depending on whether it is a short trip or long, multi-country travel, but it is an overhead expense. Often points are used (travel hacking.)

We used a combination of points and cash for our flights to CANCUN on Southwest and only spent $214.74

Don’t forget about taxes, tithes, offerings and gifts!

Meet You in the Morning is presently traveling in Mexico!

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  1. Thank you for all of this valuable information.
    It really is so very helpful in being able to figure whether or not travel is possible for us.


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