Cost of Travel: Puerto Morelos

Whether Home or Abroad: Every expense gets added to the Travel Wallet app on my phone. I can add many individual trips (one for each location plus one for Home) in order to track the expenses separately, but the app will also add all the trips together to give a complete monthly accounting. The app also converts foreign currencies to the US dollar.

There remains more areas to explore including Isla Holbox, Isla de Mujeres, Cozumel, Bácalar, Valladolid and more!

We are attempting to live for less in Mexico than what it would cost in Spokane, but experience has taught us that traveling from place to place is always more expensive than staying put in one location for a month. This trip we are moving around a lot so after this we’ll be considering some longer stays as a way to lower our monthly expense.

A Travel Lifestyle requires a different mindset than taking a vacation. The goal is to live like you do “at home” within a budget rather than needing to take in all the sights and treating yourself because “We’re on vacation!”

Cost of Travel: Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo

Food: $164.40 comes to $23.49 per day.

I took the waitress’s suggestion at El Coctelería Sazón del Jarocho restaurant and ordered octopus cooked in its ink. It was very black, but tender and good!
Tacos! Fish tacos, shrimp tacos, al pastor and beef, quesadillas and panuchos. It’s not fancy, but we ate well in Puerto Morelos.
La Mangata is a vegan/vegetarian restaurant just off the main plaza by the church.
We stopped for cappucinos and pan de chocolate (top left), and a vegan brownie (right) from La Mangata and had iced coffees one morning at a cute place called Local Coffee.
We like to check out the grocery store bakery, deli and food court. The Chedrui was a busy place with both locals and tourists and we got fresh ceviche tostados for $3 each, $2 guacamole, sushi, cut fresh fruit and juices and pastries for a fraction of restaurant prices.
There are many beachside restaurants and beach clubs. We enjoyed the view and breeze at El Merkadito our final night.

Accommodations: $468.34 (includes gratuities) comes to $66.91 per day for 7 nights.

I booked this double room with balcony at the Hotel Amar Inn on for $450 for 7 nights which included breakfast. We generally prefer a larger room or apartment with a seating other than the bed.
The lush Hotel Amar Inn garden with pool and hammocks as well as good WIFI, A/C, and hot water.

Transportation: $67.72 averages out to $9.67 per day and includes 2 airport transfers.

Zoom in to see a cruise ship on the horizon. Could Cancún be its port of call?

Entertainment and Miscellaneous: $77.15 comes to 11.02 per day and includes Museum $8, Laundry $3, Massages $65.36. One say we each got one-hour massages on the beach. The price originally quoted was $40 each, but they lowered it to $30. (See our Cost of Travel for a Month in Chiang Mai Thailand where we budgeted $1500 a month which still allowed for twice-weekly massages!)

* The cost of flights to Cancun is not reflected in the totals.

* We take ATM withdrawals from our Charles Schwab checking account which refunds us the ATM fees.

* Purchases were paid in Mexican Pesos and converted to US Dollars on the Travel Wallet app, but are approximate as the rate fluctuates daily. We figure MX$20 to the $1USD.

We spent $777.61 for both of us for 7 days averaging out to $111.09 per day.

The new central plaza in Puerto Morelos.

Coming to you from Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas. Next time I’ll Meet You in the Morning from San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico!

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