Peaceful Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a village surrounded by mangroves on the coast between Cancún and Playa del Carmen only 13 miles from the Cancún international airport. Puerto Morelos is a 2 road town that is very laid back and peaceful with a brand new beautiful town square.

There are not many tourists yet as October is still low season on the Riviera Maya and some businesses are shut down. There are pizza, Italian, Uruguayan, Japanese, sushi, burgers, ice cream, tacos, sea food, lobster, crepes, vegan/vegetarian, fresh juices, smoothies and coffee options,

The last five days I have been wracking my brain about what I could possibly write about. Each morning I wake up and eat a fantastic breakfast which makes me feel sleepy again so I may recline in a hammock or carry a beach chair to the beach to sit in the shade of a palm tree while I alternate between dozing off and staring out at the ocean and sifting the soft as sugar sand through fingers and toes. I feel like I’ve been in a stupor. After several hours I’ll go back the inn to take a dip in the pool and shower and then it’s time to go out for dinner.

The unpretentious, comfortable, intimate Amar Inn in Puerto Morelos has friendly staff and offers tranquility, beach chairs, bicycles, assorted sun screen, hammocks, a small pool and an amazing breakfast served in the garden and is close to the beach. No shoes necessary!

Sleep, Eat, Snooze, Swim, Eat, Repeat.

The room rate at the Amar Inn includes an amazing breakfast of coffee or tea, fresh squeezed orange juice, fruit, yogurt, bread or toast and a hot entree that has been different each day. Definitely not boring!
The hot humid air makes you sweat as well as slow down, unwind and relax.
There are Europeans, Americans, Canadians and Mexican tourists. I wonder how my fellow travelers learned about the quiet town of Puerto Morelos. It’s not glitzy like Cancun nor does it have the energy of Playa del Carmen, but it has this gorgeous beach and calm waters. Great for families.

Friday we decided it was time to do something different and go explore.

Which of the statements below do you think are true:

  • A) Traveled to and from Cancún to visit the Maya Culture and Archeological Museum, experienced a cloud burst, got soaking wet waiting for a bus, saw a beautiful rainbow. Rode in a bus without a/c with dozens of hotel housekeepers in their matching uniforms heading home after their shift.
  • B) Visited a La Isla mall where we had Starbucks Coffee as well as a McDonalds’ sundae and for dinner ate fifty-cent tacos and fed scraps to a street dog,
  • C) Took a total of 7 rides (3 bus rides, 3 colectivo rides, and one taxi). One bus driver blasted his music at full volume and sang while driving, collecting fares, making change, honking his horn, talking on his phone, and stopping at bus stops every 1000 meters and another driver ripped off the side mirror of a parked car while roaring down a narrow street.
  • D) All of the above.

The correct answer is D.

We decided to go to take a day trip to Cancún since we had never been there on our prior trips to this area. Our hotel host suggested visiting La Isla Mall and the Maya Cultural and Archeological Museum and told us there were two transportation options: The Easy Way and The Hard Way. The Easy Way would be to take a taxi, but a round trip would cost approximately $50 USD.

We, of course, decided to take The Hard Way because it was the less expensive way coming in at only $12 and because it was a way to immerse ourselves in the local Mexican culture and were rewarded with the unique experiences described in the unforgettable scenarios of A, B, and C.

The museum grounds has preserved some Mayan ruins dating from 200 to 600AD which had been swallowed up by the jungle along the coast and rediscovered during construction of the many beach resorts.
Old and new: a resort building towers above this Mayan pyramid.
These ruins predate the ruins of Chichen Itzá.
One big disappointment is the seasonal appearance of the smelly sargassum seaweed on the beach which has kept me from going swimming, but not others. Another is the itchy bug bites of the no-see-mud.

Covid precautions: Masks are required in businesses. The grocery store and small restaurants have ropes or chains separating entrances and exits and many greet their customers with a squirt of hand sanitizer and a digital thermometer reading!

The neighborhood on the west side of the highway is where the locals predominately live as they’ve been priced out of real estate on the coastal side of the highway. We ventured over to try “real Mexican food” and this place, El Sazón Mexicano, had a promotion of 3 al pastor taco plate for 30 pesos – about $1.50 USD. Al pastor tacos are carved off the chunk of seasoned pork that is on the rotisserie in the background (left of center.)
We each had an order of the tacos al pastor 3 for $1.50. The double tortillas were grilled just enough to be crunchy yet still soft and served with cabbage, onion, cilantro and lime and some spicy salsa on the side. Yum!
We also splurged on a plate of 3 arrachera (beef) tacos for $1 USD each.
Studies have shown that those who travel are happy, healthy and more alive!

Keep on travelin’

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  1. Sounds relaxing till you decided to food looks yummy.

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    > Merrill posted: ” There are not many tourists yet as October is still low > season on the Riviera Maya and some businesses are shut down. There are > pizza, Italian, Uruguayan, Japanese, sushi, burgers, ice cream, tacos, sea > food, lobster, crepes, vegan/vegetarian, fresh juic” >

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