Manito Park

We have visited several of Spokane’s wonderful parks, but Manito Park is The Crown Jewel of Spokane City Parks. It is so picturesque!

Manito (MAN-it-toh) is a Native American word meaning “a supernatural force that pervades nature.”

Manito Park was established in 1904, covering 95 acres surrounded by residential neighborhoods. It is one of the few parks in the United States with such a diverse horticultural display that changes with each season as seen in the following photos.

Mirror Pond

Nishinomiya-Tsutakawa Japanese Garden was established in 1974 and was ranked 16th among more than 300 public Japanese gardens by The Journal of Japanese Gardens.

Rose Hill is an old-fashioned rose garden featuring 150 varieties of roses.

The Peace rose was introduced after World War II and is the most popular rose by sales.
A small dahlia test garden dazzles in autumn.

Duncan Gardens is a formal European style garden covering 3 acres with a central water feature and symmetrical planting beds displaying colorful annuals.

Gaiser Conservatory was originally built in 1912.

The present building was constructed in 1974 and includes a waterfall, pond, and plantings of tropical plants, succulents, and desert cacti.

Joel E. Ferris Perennial Garden is an informal garden of over 300 flowering plants, small trees and grasses providing a constantly changing colorful display throughout the seasons.

I look forward to seeing this garden next spring and summer.

There is also a Lilac Garden, softball diamond, playground and splash pad, picnic shelter, Park Bench Cafe and many walking trails.

A wall of that Spokane basalt I mentioned.

We’re busy getting ready to travel. Meet with you again soon.

5 responses to “Manito Park

  1. Hi Merrill;
    I grew up in Tacoma, WA (first 25 years of my life), but never saw Spokane until about 5-7 years ago! I was pleasantly surprised! Loved this Park. And, the walk along the River with the interactive things to enjoy (& the big red slide!). Also, there was a wonderful Pow Wow on my last visit. It has come a long way!! GeorgAnna


  2. What beautiful photos! At times I couldn’t believe you took those photos, they were so beautiful! I’m looking forward to exploring it more.


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