12 Things I’ve Learned About Spokane

The surrounding area is very picturesque with lots of trees, both deciduous and evergreen. The lovely Ponderosa Pine is the official city tree.

1.) Coming in at 1st Place: No bottle or can deposit! Yay!!! No need to save your bottles and cans to return for a refund, just put them in the recycle bin.

2.) Spokane is only 92 miles south of the Canadian border and 18 miles west of the Idaho state line..

3.) Spokane is east of The Cascades and it is not always sunny. There ARE cloudy days, even rain.

4.) Spokane is named for the Native American Spokane tribe which in the Salish language means “Children of the Sun.”

The Spokane River falls and Riverfront Park in the heart of downtown Spokane.

5.) There is A LOT of basalt around this city!

6.) Spokane has 5 Sister Cities: Nishinomiya, Japan; Jilin City, China; Limerick, Ireland; Jecheon, South Korea, Cagli, Italy

7.) The population is 222,087 (about 1/3 of Portland’s population) which makes the traffic so much lighter.

8.) Spokane has many beautiful parks.

9.) This area is called the Inland Northwest or Inland Empire.

10.) Spokane elevation is 1,843 feet above sea level.

11.) There is a 9% sales tax, but Washington state does not have a personal state income tax.

12.) You pump your own gas.

Every errand or outing is an opportunity to explore the different neighborhoods. This photo of the Spokane River was taken from the lovely Audubon-Downriver Neighborhood.
The Comstock neighbors were friendly and welcoming!

Meet You in the Morning for a tour around Manito Park. Share your comments and thanks for reading!

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