All Our Bags Are Packed – We’re Ready to Go!

Meet You in the Morning is leaving Oregon!

We quit our jobs. We sold our second car. We sold or gave away all our furniture. Yes! Just like we did in 2014.

The rest of our belongings have been boxed up and loaded onto a ABF Upack trailer which a driver picked up and will deliver to our new home base in Spokane, Washington. We should meet up with them in a few days.

This post is not a paid endorsement for ABF U-pack. We have no complaints and highly recommend ABF U-pack. They drive and pay the gas!
Because these two cuties are moving to Spokane we are moving as well.

In our new home base all those boxes will be moved into a storage unit because we’re going to take advantage of this opportunity and run away, to travel and explore. (Really, we just want to escape Spokane’s snowy winter.)

Lord willing, we hope we will Meet You in the Morning from Mexico!

We are pretty excited! Actually, it’s three adventures in one: a new home to explore, retirement, and slow travel.

So far we have two months planned to visit destinations known for the best food and coffee, colorful colonial cities and Pueblos Mágicos. First we will fly to Cancun in Quintana Roo state and stay in Puerto Morelos for 7 days, and then fly to Tuxtla Guttierez, Chiapas (the state of Chiapas is the furthest south on the border with Guatemala.) We will stay a few nights in Chiapa de Corzo, then a week in San Cristóbal de las Casas and a few days in Comitán de Dominguez. We will work our way to the Pacific coast and the state of Oaxaca where we will stay a week in Puerto Escondido before flying to Oaxaca de Juarez where we stay for two weeks and experience El Dia de los Muertos festivities before moving on to Puebla state for a week or so!

We thought to take a break and come home for Christmas (maybe even Thanksgiving) but we have not booked a return yet. Too much uncertainty about Covid.

Like snowbirds, in January we’d like to fly south again for another 2-3 month stay before we return to Spokane and settle down (or something like that.)

We invite you to follow along on the journey. You could come and travel with us – or just follow the blog.

Check out our prior trips to Mexico by going to the main page and clicking on Mexico on the right hand menu or click on the links below.

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The Colorful Riviera Maya of Mexico

The Colorful Riviera Maya.

Vámanos! Let’s go!

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