Mainland Greece: A Perfect Itinerary

Here is a 3-week itinerary for a winter trip to explore Greece – the Cradle of Western Civilization, flying in and out of Athens.

Monemvasia, Greece

Athens, 4 nights

Bus to Kalamata, 3 nights

Pick up rental car

Areopoli (Diros Caves on the map), 1 night

Gefnya (Monemvasia), 1 night

Nafplio, 4 nights

Drive to Ancient Corinth and the Corinth Canal and along the north coast

Rododafni (large blue dot on map), 1 night

Olympia, 1 night

Drive the western shore south to Pylos and Methoni on the Messinian Peninsula and continuing to Kalamata, return rental car, and catch late bus to Athens.

Athens, 4 nights (day trip by bus to Sounio)

Optional extensions: Travel to Kalambaka, Fly to Thessaloniki

Follow the links below to posts containing photos and travel details for this itinerary.

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Nafplio, Greece

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