Spain: Two Perfect Itineraries

We love Spain. It reminds us of Italy, but calmer, not so intense. The people are more laid back, the coffee con leche really hots the spot, and knowing Spanish makes communication a bit easier.

I didn’t write much from our first trip to Spain in Autumn 2012, because our camera was stolen while we did laundry a few hours before leaving for the Barcelona port to embark on the Transatlatic cruise.

Madrid was lovely. Toledo was beautiful. The Roman aqueduct in Segovia was enthralling and we sampled their famous suckling pig. Barcelona was wonderful. We did it all. But only the few photos on my phone survived.

It was a bummer, but we didn’t hesitate to return to Spain in 2015 and still hope to return someday to explore the eastern coastal region around Valencia.

A view from a castle in Segovia.

The Roman Aqueduct in Segovia

Perfect first timers trip to Spain.

Day 1: Fly to Madrid

Day 2: Madrid

Day 3: Madrid

Day 4: Train to Toledo

Day 5: Train to Segovia

Day 6: Segovia

Day 7: Train to Barcelona

Day 8: Barcelona

Day 9: Travel home from Barcelona – or extend with cruise.

This 9 day/8 night itinerary includes 3 nights in Madrid, 1 night in Toledo, 2 nights in Segovia and 2 nights in Barcelona.

Extend with additional days to add Avila and El Escorial.

We extended our October 2012 vacation with a 2-week transatlantic cruise with ports of call in Cartagena and Málaga, Spain, Canary Islands and Nassau, Bahamas.

Or extend with the southern itinerary below.

You don’t want to miss Ronda

The Rock of Gilbralter is pretty fascinating.

Second trip to Spain – Southern Spain

Spain is a large country. We returned in 2015, flying Ryan Air to Málaga and rented a car.

Day 1: Málaga

Day 2: Málaga

Day 3: Visit Gilbralter, UK en route to Ronda, overnight in Ronda

Day 4: Tarifa

Day 5: Day trip: Ferry from Tarifa to Tangier, Morroco, overnight in Tarifa

Day 6: Seville

Day 7: Seville

Day 8: Visit Córdoba, overnight in Santa Elena

Day 9: Drive to Madrid to return rental car and fly out.

This 9 day/8 night trip includes: 2 nights in Málaga, 1 night in Ronda, 2 nights in Tarifa, 2 nights in Seville, 1 night en route to Madrid, Santa Elena.

Suggestion: Add additional night in Seville and visit Córdoba as day trip or overnight in Córdoba instead of driving to Madrid.


The Mezquita – Cathedral of Córdoba is a wonder

I hope you check out my other posts about our time in Spain.

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