Italy: The Perfect Itinerary

When asked by different acquaintances for suggestions on their upcoming trips to Italy I referred them to my blog. My blog postings are mostly a travelogue or trip report of the way we toured, and I realized that it was not easy to find just the basic trip itinerary.

Introducing The Perfect Itinerary series.

It is my hope that these new posts will be easy to locate on the blog website and will be used as a starting point for my readers’ own travel planning.

Our October 2010 trip to Italy was the perfect itinerary! I’ve included links to read about the daily descriptions and details and how painful it was to trim down the itinerary and eliminate many places I really wanted to see!

The ancient Roman Forum, Rome.

The Perfect First-Time 2-week Itinerary to Italy

Fly into Rome and out of Venice and travel by train.

12 days (plus a travel day) and 12 nights in Italy: 4 nights in Rome, 2 nights in Sorrento, 1 night in Paestum, 2 nights in Florence, 3 nights in Venice.

Optional Extension: 7- night Mediterranean Cruise

Beautiful Positano!

Day 1: Fly to Rome, overnight in Rome.

Day 2: Rome

Day 3: Rome

Day 4: Rome

Day 5: Train to Napoli. Continue by train to Sorrento. Overnight in Sorrento.

Day 6: Day trip to Positano. Overnight in Sorrento.

Florence, Italy

Day 7: Train to Pompeii en route to Paestum. Overnight in Paestum.

Day 8: Train to Florence. Overnight in Florence.

Day 9: Florence (afternoon bus trip to Siena) Overnight in Florence.

Day 10: Train to Venice, overnight in Venice.

Day 11: Venice

Day 12: Venice, (afternoon/evening train excursion to Padua) Overnight in Venice.

Day 13: Travel home – or extend with a Mediterranean cruise.

The Ancient Greek temples at Paestum predate Athens’s Greek temples and, although a bit out of the way, are definitely worth the effort!

Links to posts detailing this itinerary:

Buongiorno Roma!

Plan B in Rome!


Roman Surprise!!!

We scream for ice cream!

Ciao Bella Roma

Noisy Napoli

Positively Positano

Eruption at Pompeii

The Poseidon Adventure at Paestum

Top 10 things to do in Firenze – according to me!

Day trip to Siena

Lost in Venice

We say Padua, they say Padova

Finale to a Dream Trip

A Glimpse into the Soul

Watching Windows

Links about Travel Planning:

Tour Guides, Timing, and Transportation

“The Devil is in the Details”

Credit to Rick Steves Italy guidebook for maps and logistics.

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  1. Really enjoy your blogs.

    Not sure how we missed upcoming Israel.  Been busy with moving and surgeries perhaps. Verna mentioned it yesterday. You have a very fun group there!


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