Cost of Travel: Greece

Old ruins are everywhere in Greece.

Last time I promised I would tell how we became millionaires. It didn’t happen in Greece, and I assure you it doesn’t involve black market antiquities.

I also have photos from our final three days in the city of Thessaloniki in Northern Greece.

But before I all that, let’s look at our Cost of Travel in Greece. In this post I share itemized travel expenses to help prospective travelers with their future travel plans. Remember, we traveled low-season in January of 2019.

Total Expenses: $2561.64 for 23 days averages out at $111.38 per day (for two people.)

Food: $614.40, on average $26.71 per day.

Accommodations: $1212.35 for 22 nights, on average $55.11 per night.

Transportation: $534.43 ($128.25 for metro and taxis, $241.05 for rental car, gas and tolls, $110.80 for bus trip and $54.24 for a flight to Thessaloniki. On average $23.24 per day. This does not include airfare to or from Greece.

Entertainment: $157.31 for admissions, guides, and Sounio, averages $6.79 per day.

Miscellaneous: $43.15 (includes laundry) is an average of $1.88 per day.

We had brunch near our Koukoki apartment at Vanilia in Athens.

List of Accommodations:

4 nights at Hotel Adonis, Athens: $57/night included breakfast

3 nights at Hotel Nevada, Kalamata: $51.30/night

1 night at Hotel Ares Opolis, Areopoli: $68.4/night included breakfast

1 night at Hotel Primateris, Gefnya (Monemvasia): $45.60 included breakfast

4 nights at Hotel Dias, Nafplio: $62.70/night included the best breakfast

1 night at Hotel Plaz, Rododafni: $40/night

1 night at Hotel Hercules, Archea Olympia: $41.60/night

4 nights Apartment in Vibrant Neighborhood, Koukoki, Athens: $50.16/night plus late night check in fee: $11.40

4 nights Seaside Downtown Studio, Thessaloniki: $58.71/night. We paid for 4 nights, but only stayed 3 nights, but that’s a story for another day.

We got one free night at the Athens Marriott because of a flight cancellation. It was the most dreamy bed – and we had barely 4 hours in it.

Airport Transfers:

Athens airport via metro transfers, €20 per person RT

Thessaloniki airport via taxi, €40 RT

Our lovely 1-bedroom Athens apartment.

I took a quick glimpse of past comparable Cost of Travel posts to compare where we were traveling or road tripping. Moving around is always more costly than staying in one place for a time.

2019 NYC: $187.37 per day

2019 Greece: $111.38 per day

2017 Peru: $113.84 per day

2016 Italy: $123.29 per day

2015 Eastern Europe: $93.39 per day

2015 Balkans: $52.46 per day

Hint: If you’re looking for a particular topic, look at the Cloud Tag on the Home Page. For example, touching “cost of travel” is a direct link to those posts or posts for a particular country.

Loved the location of this Thessaloniki studio.


Our last few days in Greece were spent in beautiful Thessaloniki. We did laundry, visited the Jewish History Museum, took a sightseeing bus and just wandered around Greece’s second largest city.

Walking the seaside promenade on this sunny winter’s day.

This musician played the accordion and trumpet at the same time! The White Tower of Thessaloniki, once part of the city’s fortifications, was built in the late 15th century after the Turkish conquest.

The Triumphal Arch of Galerius was built to immortalize various campaigns against the Persians.

The Rotunda built in 306 AD either as a mausoleum for Galerius or as a temple to Zeus.

The Jewish Holocaust Memorial on Holocaust Remembrance Day. At the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki we learned that 96.5% of the city’s Jewish population was murdered in Polish death camps.

One of the few watch towers in the city’s fortifications. The city used to be walled all the way down to the sea. Portions of the original Byzantine walls still remain.

How Meet You in the Morning Became Multi-Millionaires

We left Greece and became multi-millionaires upon arrival in Vietnam. The maximum amount most ATMs have allowed us to withdraw is 2,000,000 VMD (Vietnamese Dong) which comes to a whopping $86.00 USD. We had to visit several ATMs in order to accumulate enough money.

So we are Vietnamese multi-millionaires! There’s nearly 6 million Vietnamese Dong in the above photo. Let me tell you, all those zeroes really mess with your mind.

Thanks for reading!

Meet You next time from Vietnam.

7 responses to “Cost of Travel: Greece

  1. We try to get the bulk of our spending money exchanged before we leave home. Bank of America offers competitive exchange rates. This way we seldom concern ourselves hunting down an ATM, and avoid steep exchange costs in some locales. Of course this might get tricky if several currencies are needed during one trip.

    Congrats on becoming millionaires! You make it look so easy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Millionaires. Easy come, easy go. Now in Thailand I’m constantly unnecessarily adding extra zeroes.
      We love our Charles Schwab account as they refund all ATM fees!


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