The Greek Cuisine

Fresh and good! We are eating well in Greece.

Greek omelette with feta and sausage.

Greek yogurt and honey!

Lamb and chicken risotto.

Fresh grilled pike with lemon and olive oil sauce.

No more pike.

Spaghetti and shrimp.

Horta – Boiled field greens.

Love the espresso and fresh squeezed orange juice.

Meze plates for sharing. A mustard chicken and rustic pork dishes, but these were the only things I haven’t loved. They were too tangy and salty.

Mousaka has layers of potato and eggplant slices with meat and topped with a layer of bechamel sauce and baked. I ordered this so many times I got tired of it.

Black eyed peas and greens.

Greek salad with a chunk of feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, olives, green pepper, oregano, salt and olive oil.

Greek comfort food! A delicious soup with meat and rice meatballs in a thick lemony vegetable soup.

Rice stuffed peppers.

Pork and chicken souvlaki skewers with pita and taziki sauce.

Pastistio is tubular macaroni, meat sauce and a layer of bechamel sauce.

I’m told Greece’s annual per capita consumption of cheese is higher than any other European country.

I love the chewy phyllo dough pies. Spanakopita – spinach and feta pie.

Gyro meat platter with pita.

Souvlaki in a pita.

Creamy cheese pie in phyllo dough.


On average we spend a bit under 20% of our daily budget on food and coffee, or only about $21 a day. Many hotels included breakfast saving us some money.

We have been so busy sightseeing and taking lots of photos. Much more to come – next time – from Athens!

5 responses to “The Greek Cuisine

  1. I have finally looked at your page. Lovely. I really enjoy thevhistorical info and the food descriptions. Many happy adventures ahead. I have a friend in Thailand right now, she is sharing her adventures,also. Bye

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    • Thanks for reading and for sharing your kind words. We have been in Vietnam now 5 days. It’s a shock to my system!!! I’d love to read your friends Thai adventures if you share the link.


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