Portland’s Chinese Garden

img_1303Any season is the perfect time to visit Lan Su Chinese Garden.

Visit during the month of November or “Mumvember” for a beautiful chrysanthemum display.


Escape the noise and frenzy of the surrounding city when you walk through these doors. Feel the peaceful tranquility, enjoy tea in the tea house and browse the gift shop. Lan Su Garden is open daily and offers a daily guided tour.

The components of Lan Su Garden were built by Chinese artisans in Portland’s Sister City of Suzhou, China, shipped and reassembled in Portland, Oregon. It is considered to be one of the most authentic Chinese gardens outside of China. Much more than just a beautiful garden, Lan Su melds art, architecture, design and nature in perfect harmony.


The garden’s name combines sounds from both Portland and Suzhou to form Lan Su. “Lan” (蘭) is also the Chinese word for “Orchid” and “Su” (蘇) is the word for “Arise” or “Awaken,” so the garden’s name can also be interpreted poetically as “Garden of Awakening Orchids.” (蘭蘇園)

Plan now to celebrate Chinese New Year, the most colorful and joyous of all Chinese festivals, during Lan Su’s two-week (February 16 through March 4, 2018) celebration featuring lion dances, cultural performances, martial arts, calligraphy, family-friendly craft activities and much more! The celebration kicks off Friday, February 16 with “Rolling in the Wealth,” a traditional good fortune and prosperity activity of rolling oranges and gold coins through Lan Su’s front door.

The celebration ends with several nights of Lantern Viewing Evenings when the garden is illuminated with colorful lanterns and a lively dragon procession.

Lan Su Garden, 239 NW Everett St, Portland, Oregon


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