Faces of Perú

Faces of Perú:

Beautiful, honest, proud, patriotic, industrious, inquisitive, friendly and welcoming.

At a Picanteria restaurant in Arequipa we shared a table with these friendly Peruvians who instead of ignoring us made us feel so welcome.


The beautiful indigenous women of Ollantaytambo wear a festive flowered hat.

A master craftsman hand weaving a hat.

Young girls playing with their dollies in Bellavista, Perú.

A very persuasive brother-sister sales team sold me some knitted finger puppets and more.


The main reason we traveled to Perú this summer was to participate in a week-long convention in Cajamarca with Peruvian sister churches. Although their lifestyle and economic levels are different from ours, we immediately felt admiration, Christian unity, and friendship.


A quick practice of a song for church. The US team included my husband, our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter. There was another couple plus me.



One day we visited several of their local communities.


Three generations of farm folk.



I was amazed by their industriousness and dismayed that old women, and mothers with babies and children would pass long days weaving or knitting while displaying wares on the sidewalk.

Enjoying the sun in Ollantaytambo.


We can’t forget these adorable Peruvian alpacas!

Beach boys in Huanchaco.

My granddaughter always attracted a lot of attention. Strangers wanted to hold her and have their picture taken!


It’s been said that food is the best way to explore a culture. Normally I would agree, but meeting the PEOPLE can make a place seem much more welcoming and, well, personable! We have found friends among the Peruvians. Muchas Gracias for letting us visit! We’re so glad we came.

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