What’s Up?

Meet You in the Morning is back!  We have been on hiatus.

So, what’s up? Plenty!  Let’s catch up.

My last day of work travel-guiding in the “2016 Tourist Season” was November 26.  The event that brought us back stateside for which  we’d been anxiously awaiting finally occurred three days later.  My beautiful grand-daughter was born and I was present for her birth!  It’s been amazing how I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with her.  She is already 3 months old and changing fast.



I love holding her and watching her when she sleeps.

“The smallest footprints make the greatest impressions in our hearts.”  

“A time to be born…and a time to die…” In December my sweet mother-in-law passed away.

My husband got his Commercial Drivers Licence (CDL) and has started driving school bus.

Oregon has had a rough winter with several snow and ice storms. There have been 9, yes 9, “Snow Days” when our local school district has been closed!


The view from inside where I stayed on one of the many snow days.

We’ve been 9 months in our apartment. Not once has loud music or partying bothered us! Pretty nice. But we’re moving next week. Lots of reasons why. One is to be in a more convenient location for Steve’s work since he can have long breaks in-between routes and may as well come home rather than hang-out in a dreary breakroom.  The other reason was to be closer to the grand-daughter and it will cut that commute in half a whole 4.8 miles closer! We also wanted a washer and dryer in the unit, and less stairs.  We got all that, plus a second bedroom and are looking forward to welcoming our son home from his 2-year stint teaching English in South Korea.

Are we putting down roots again? It’s true, we are working, own 2 cars (and at least 6 pairs of shoes for me after having only 2 pair while traveling) and am contemplating adding a few kitchen appliances to what has been “only the bare necessities.” We plan to stay around for awhile, but I’m being careful not to accumulate too much. One could look at the situation and think “they’re stuck in the rat race again.”  

It is a new season of life for us. Our priorities are different. Our lifestyle has changed. Family is important.  I’m glad we quit our jobs and traveled around the world when we did!  But I’m also very glad we’ve been here these last several months.

Four generations of 1st-born women.

Four generations of 1st-born women. I’m with my mother, daughter and only grandchild, Évora.

There’s no place I’d rather be.  (At least that’s what I keep telling myself. And it really is true, except for the fact that we could live someplace else without the work and without the snow – but without my grand-daughter!  As my heart melts when she smiles at me, I’m not ready to substitute precious time with her with Skype sessions yet.) I also know, that Time Flies.

Finally, this is a travel lifestyle blog – and TRAVEL is on the agenda!

Ephesus, Turkey

In front of the Celcus Library when we visited Ephesus in 2010.

Coming soon, later this month, Meet You in the Morning is leading a small group on a 2-week The Footsteps of Paul Tour to Greece:  Thessaloniki, Philippi,  Meteora, Corinth, Athens, a 3-night cruise with short visits to Ephesus, Patmos, Santorini, Mykonos and Crete and 4 nights in Rome!

I’m super excited to be returning to some fantastic historical places and visiting new ones. I believe that planning can be half the fun. I’ve checked out from the library and watched or listened to three of The Great Courses by The Teaching Company:  The History of Christianity:  From Jesus to Constantinople, The Apostle Paul, and Classical Archaeology of Ancient Greece and Rome.  

See you soon!

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  1. Merrill and Steve thank you so much for sharing. Sounds like the good life😊👍🙏

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