The Oregon Coast

My mother came for a visit and the two of us spent 3 lazy days visiting the coast. We went to Lincoln City, just a 2-hour drive from my Milwaukie home.

What are the benefits of going to the coast mid-week in late September?

1)  No traffic on the highway – neither going nor returning.

2)  No crowds.

3)  Whale viewing season.

4)  Indian summer!

To spend some time at the beach was a real treat for my mom who has been living full time in the Arizona desert the last 6 years. It was a treat for me as well to spend some mother-daughter time together!

The world’s smallest bay – Depoe Bay.

So beautiful. Sea, sky and sand!

The beaches were pleasantly deserted. I love a brisk walk along the beach.

Highlights of our visit to the Oregon Coast:

Breakfasting at Pig n’ Pancake and Lil Sambos, 2 long established restaurants that I remember from my childhood.

Walking the beach, and laying down in the warm sand to take a nap!

Eating clam chowder. The best was Mo’s at Taft, Oregon.

Shopping at the Christmas Cottage at Neotsu and the Outlet Mall in Lincoln City.

Driving the coast highway to admire the views.


There’s nothing like watching the sunset at the beach!


The best surprise was meeting a volunteer at Depoe Bay who taught us about the migrating gray whales and how to spot them.

As the whales journey south, they eat and bulk up on the cold Pacific shrimp in the waters off the Oregon coast. Once they enter the warmer southern water they no long eat! They spend the winter off the coast of Mexico where they give birth to a calf and then migrate north again.

We saw several whales in the deep channel very close to shore! It became addicting to scan the churning ocean waters in search of their spouting sprays. The highlight was to see their huge glistening bulks breach – like a log bobbing on the water – and their tale flukes as they take a dive. Amazing!

Until next time!

Thanks for reading!

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