Big, Bold and Beautiful

Art is all around. 

Big, bold and beautiful art – most of it street art – from around the world…and home.

Painted turtle mural in Cuenca, Ecuador.
Big Botero horse in Medellin, Colombia.
Big and beautiful horse and girl made from barbed wire found in Parkdale, Oregon

A collection of lions from various locations.
Is this an angel? Kotor, Montenegro
Bog, bold and beautiful painted mural on the street in Cartagena, Colombia
We came across this huge head sculpture while on a walking tour of Quito, Ecuador. Bears similarities to Captain Luke Picard, no?
A huge wall mosaic tellls the country’s history in the Presidential Palace in Quito, Ecuador
Discovered this whimsical painting just this week at Oregon Health Sciences University on Marquam Hill, Portland, Oregon
Wood carving of a bear catching a salmon on one end of a bench along the Trolley Trail in Milwaukie, Oregon

Many of these would not have been noticed if I wasn’t exploring on foot.

4 responses to “Big, Bold and Beautiful

  1. Enjoyable post. You have a keen eye for detail. I am sure that you would agree with Werner Herzog that “The world reveals itself to those who travel on foot”.

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