Busan: Beautiful City on the Bay

Busan – the largest port city in South Korea – is known for beaches, mountains and temples and reminds me of San Francisco. Enjoy the views!

These photos were taken from the Busan Observatory Tower.

Note the huge Lotte department store in the center of the photo.

The 387′ tall Busan Observatory at Yongdusan Park. Yongdusan means “dragon mountain.”

Busan at night.

Can you see “home” across the great Pacific?

Dear friends from church took us sightseeing around Yongdo to the southernmost tip of the island facing the open sea, Songdo and the Maritime Museum.

I really admire the new Maritime Museum building

Detail of the beautiful Maritime Museum. The exterior of the building resembles a ship.


Turtle and fish in the aquarium inside the Maritime Museum.

Gwangalii Beach is surrounded by modern buildings and is easily accessible by Metro.

The suspension “Diamond Bridge” at Gwangalii.

Our friend SuJin took us to Haedong Yonggungsa, a large Buddhist Temple originating in 1376 and rebuilt in the early 1930s.

Most Korean Buddhist temples are built on the mountain tops so this one on the seacoast is unique.
I couldn’t find any explanation of these interesting looking intricate stone structures around the buddhist complex.



Detail of the carved floral motif on a temple door.

Detail of the beautiful carved doors on a temple.

Details of two different pagoda’s rafters.

Peaceful Pagoda. This is one of my favorite photos. It sums up the beauty of land, sea and sky in Busan

We are back in Portland, Oregon to begin a house/dog-sit assignment caring for Watson. The adventure continues! Meet You in the Morning next week!

4 responses to “Busan: Beautiful City on the Bay

  1. Welcome back! Have so enjoyed your trip around the world. I will be looking forward to seeing what your plans are for the future. I am still working on my bucket list of seeing all 50 states. I am off to Alaska soon and then will have 6 left to see.


  2. I’d like to go around the world again!!! We missed so much, and then there’s always the favorites to return to.
    Good for you on the Bucket List accomplishment! The USA has some great sights too. I’m curious…What are the final 6 states?
    I hope you will stay posted for our next adventure.


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