A Bangkok Photo Journey

“This high energy city loves neon and noise, chaos and concrete, fashion and the future. But look beyond the modern behemoth and you’ll find old-fashioned village napping in the shade of a soi (lane). It’s an urban connoisseur’s dream: a city where the past, present and future are jammed into a humid pressure cooker.”  Lonely Planet

Bangkok is a city of 8.3 million inhabitants.


The buildings of the Grand Palace peeking over the top of the fence.


“You can observe remnants of urban river life by boarding a Chao Phraya Express boat at any riverside pier.” Lonely Planet 


Old and new side by side in Bangkok.


We visited the second oldest Snake Farm in the world (the first was established in Brazil) for the production of anti-venom.




It looks like I’m strangling this albino Burmese Python.


What are your impressions of Bangkok?

We only had 2 days to explore, but found Bangkok more hot, humid and expensive than Chiang Mai even feeling like we were in a foreign country from Chiang Mai.

We arrived this week in Busan, South Korea and have been kind of busy. Photos to come and Expense Reports too next time I Meet You in the Morning! 

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