Exploring Croatia: Plitvice Lakes to the Adriatic

After our one-night stay in Zagreb, we rented a car and invited Seihee, the traveler from South Korea whom we met the day before, to ride with us to Lake Plitvice National Park. 

The first view of the waterfalls from up top.

Another view of the falls and the plank walkways from up top.

Notice there are no handrails. I wondered how many people have stepped or slipped off (or been accidentally shoved off) the trail.

At the base of the grand falls.

We visited on a weekend day of “Family Week” when it was outrageously crowded, but at a super reduced entrance fee.

Plitvice has 16 terrace-like lakes interconnected by waterfalls.

The water was very clear.


The park has miles of trails.

The next day we headed out to enjoy a drive through the beautiful Croatian countryside and along the coastal highway. It was a luxury to have the liberty to drive ourselves.


Zoom in! I think I see the ocean.

The sun feels great!


Such a lovely spot for coffee, and a perfect temperature in Karlobag.

There are over 1100 islands off of Croatia’s Adriatic coastline.

Climbing the mountains, we headed back to our place near Plitvice.

The photos speak for themselves. Croatia is simply gorgeous!

Fun fact: The necktie (cravat) was invented by a Croatian.

Meet You in the Morning next time with photos from Zadar, Croatia.

12 responses to “Exploring Croatia: Plitvice Lakes to the Adriatic

  1. Hello! Can I ask you one thing? How did you set header for your website? I mean that little picture which is showed off when you write new article appearing in someone’s WordPress reader right next to the name of the blog. Do you know which one do I write about? I tried to figure out how many times, but it has always been unsucessful. Thank you!


  2. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of Plitvice. The waterfalls are stunning! When we were there last year the water level was too high and they closed the lower walkways. I had to settle for seeing everything from on high. I was a bit disappointed since seeing Plitvice was one of the main reasons I had chosen the itinerary. Still the views from the top were lovely and I now have a wonderful reason to return someday.


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