June 2015 Travel Expense  – Portugal and Scotland

June was our 5th month on the road and our 1st month in Europe – a much more expensive destination.

Total spent in June:  $2308.93 – $76.96/day
Food:  $738.26 – $24.61/day

Accommodations:  $717.47 – $23.92/day. We paid for 15 nights accommodations in Portugal, a flight to Glasgow where we exchanged dog sitting services for accommodations and also began to prepare our meals instead of eating out.

Transportation:  $369.30 – $12.31/day (includes airport transfers and the airfare expensed over the time we are in the UK comes to $6.53/day.)

Entertainment:  $312.99 – $10.43/day (includes a car rental and the extra insurance so we could get out an explore for fun.)

Miscellaneous:  $170.91 – $5.70/day (includes housekeeping gratuities, cell phone, life insurance policy, a new electric razor and $17 for mailing some documents to the USA.)

Having a car or scooter is a necessity to explore the Algarve, unless one stays in a resort or a walkable village. There is bus service connecting the coastal towns. We rented both a scooter and a car. The TINY car is a one-seater with a jump seat.


Albergaria Rosa Montes outside of Bergau was a treasure. We loved the breakfasts and our big, quiet room.


Our accommodations in Portugal:

Lisbon: Dinastia V, Booking.com, $46.20/night, 5 nights

Evora: Namaste, $44.50/night, 3 nights

Burgau, The Algarve: Albergaria Rosa Montes, $50/night included breakfast, 7 nights

Our housesitting jobs in Scotland were secured through TrustedHousesitters.com

We celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary in Portugal.

Caprese salad, bread and Bacallao de Brac ( a typical Portuguese dish of dried cod and grated potatoes. Olive oil, sea salt and garlic make anything taste good!

I challenge you to track your spending each month!

3 responses to “June 2015 Travel Expense  – Portugal and Scotland

  1. We do. We do. How else could we make informed decisions about where we stay and what we eat if not for having a good idea of where the money is going? We, too, were in Portugal and our per diem budget was $118/day for our month in Porto and $112/day for our month’s stay in Funchal, Madeira. We underspent both budgets. We are traveling long term (currently in our 31st month) and are retired, so we strive for a livable budget in each country we visit. Of course, we spent 3 months in Southeast Asia where our per diems were considerably less!


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