The Sweet Sixteen

We move a lot.  Let’s do the math.  Mr. and Mrs. M have been married 34.5 years.  They have moved 16 times.  What is the average time between each move?  Answer: 2.15625 years.  We have a joke in our family that when it’s time to have the carpets cleaned or walls repainted – we move instead.  We stayed the longest in the first home we purchased, 7 years, but only 9 months in another.  Several moves have been into temporary living quarters:  twice while building, and once after a cross-country move back to Oregon from Illinois.  We once stored our belongings for a year-long move to South Korea but returned after only 4 months.  A move is a move.

Around the 5-year anniversary of our move from Oregon to California I started to get “itchy feet” so I began to sort and organize, and had a garage sale in preparation for a future move.   Eighteen months later after selling almost everything and giving away the rest we closed the door to our home of 6 ½ years, and traveled to spend Christmas with family.  When we returned we moved into our little “cottage”  where we are going to stay 29 nights.  It was our 16th move – the Sweet 16.

Editor’s update: August 2021

We have just packed up again. It is our 23rd move in 41 years. Once again we’ve downsized and are putting things in storage while we take some time to travel.

4 responses to “The Sweet Sixteen

  1. I like this post! And by the time I was newly married at age 20 I had lived in 10 different houses. That’s an average of 2 years per house 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about all your many more moves in the future!


    • Poor thing! Do you feel like it was a disadvantaged childhood? You’ve got yourself a stable husband – I don’t see a moves in your near future. 🙂
      With this new journey I can’t really call them moves, can I? What shall we call it?


      • No, I don’t feel like it was disadvantaged at all! I think I prefer it to staying in one house for 20 years! But then again, that’s what I know so it’s hard to compare 🙂 One thing it taught me is that the house does not make a home – family does! Some people get way too emotionally attached to just a house – a building. We’ve already been in our house 5 1/2 years. Can you believe it?! Since we’re not moving in the foreseeable future, I’ll have to be diligent to get rid of stuff and not let junk accumulate! :/

        Should you call them hops instead?? Hmm.


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