The Sweet Sixteen

We move a lot.  Let’s do the math.  Mr. and Mrs. M have been married 34.5 years.  They have moved 16 times.  What is the average time between each move?  Answer: 2.15625 years.  We have a joke in our family that when it’s time to have the carpets cleaned or walls repainted – we move instead.  We stayed the longest in the first home we purchased, 7 years, but only 9 months in another.  Several moves have been into temporary living quarters:  twice while building, and once after a cross-country move back to Oregon from Illinois.  We once stored our belongings for a year-long move to South Korea but returned after only 4 months.  A move is a move.

Around the 5-year anniversary of our move from Oregon to California I started to get “itchy feet” so I began to sort and organize, and had a garage sale in preparation for a future move.   Eighteen months later after selling almost everything and giving away the rest we closed the door to our home of 6 ½ years, and traveled to spend Christmas with family.  When we returned we moved into our little “cottage”  where we are going to stay 29 nights.  It was our 16th move – the Sweet 16.

4 responses to “The Sweet Sixteen

  1. I like this post! And by the time I was newly married at age 20 I had lived in 10 different houses. That’s an average of 2 years per house 🙂 Looking forward to hearing about all your many more moves in the future!


    • Poor thing! Do you feel like it was a disadvantaged childhood? You’ve got yourself a stable husband – I don’t see a moves in your near future. 🙂
      With this new journey I can’t really call them moves, can I? What shall we call it?


      • No, I don’t feel like it was disadvantaged at all! I think I prefer it to staying in one house for 20 years! But then again, that’s what I know so it’s hard to compare 🙂 One thing it taught me is that the house does not make a home – family does! Some people get way too emotionally attached to just a house – a building. We’ve already been in our house 5 1/2 years. Can you believe it?! Since we’re not moving in the foreseeable future, I’ll have to be diligent to get rid of stuff and not let junk accumulate! :/

        Should you call them hops instead?? Hmm.


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