The Ultimate Chocolate Decadence

I love chocolate, especially dark chocolate.

They say it is rich in antioxidants and makes one feel good, therefore even when dieting, I  allow myself an ounce of the good stuff periodically. I have made hundreds of truffles and like to give them to family and friends for gifts. They tell me they are good, and if I say so myself, they are really, really good! My son says I should start a business and sell them. They would have to be expensive as they are time consuming to make, and include expensive butter, cream, and good chocolate. Since I make my own truffles I never buy them, and have wondered “How much would people pay for a chocolate truffle?The answer: $93 a pound! 

Recently I escorted a group to San Francisco to attend a performance of a wonderfully artistic production of War Horse. A lovely lady on the trip gifted me a chocolate truffle. It was perfect timing. I had been craving chocolate and since I really wanted to savor it I saved it throughout the performance and all the way home. When I finally pulled it out of it’s cute pink bag it had been smashed a little, but I bit into it delicately. I knew it would be a wonderful treat, yet this exceeded all expectations!  It was the most deliciously smooth truffle I had ever tasted! I made it last 3 tiny melt-in-your-mouth bites. It was a Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland truffle with a Dom Perignon Champagne cream center.

Teuscher Swiss Chocolates

Teuscher Swiss Chocolates

Apparently there are only 11 Teuscher stores in the whole, wide world: Zurich, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Las Vegas, Austin, Portland, New York, Atlanta, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Their truffles sell for $93 a pound! Oh! I would love to have another taste and next time I am in San Francisco I will be seriously tempted to buy one teeny, tiny, ultimately decadent Teuscher Champagne truffle, if not an entire half pound selection of all their decadent delicious flavors for $46.50.

If I do, you can be sure it will be my little secret!

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