Finale to a Dream Trip

In the course of planning our dream vacation I compromised with my husband to satisfy his desire to cruise by giving up days in Italy and he agreed to take the vacation to make me happy!  It still brings a smile to my face when I remember how animated he became when we arrived at the port. He was happy!

Cruising is a lovely, gentle way to travel and after 11 days in Italy I was ready for the comfort of cruising, so it was a win-win situation! We spent hours lounging, sometimes reading, but mostly catnapping in the Solarium.

Mmmm! Beef!

My husband appreciates that cruises are all inclusive! We love the 5 course dinners in the dining room starting with a soup – especially the chilled fruit soups – then salad, entree, followed by dessert with coffee.  Having eaten an abundance of pizza and pasta over the last 11 days we were craving beef and both ordered steak our first night on the cruise.

Our first port of call was Dubrovnik, Croatia a beautiful, old, red-roofed, walled city where we slowly strolled drinking in the sights of the city on the Adriatic seacoast.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

After a day at sea we arrived at Kusadasi, Turkey where we were met by the private guide and driver I had discovered on the internet.  We had an incredible day at Ancient Ephesus. It was awesome to stand in front of the most photographed sight of Ephesus, the Celcus Library, and see the “theatre” mentioned in the Book of the Acts.

Celsus Library, Ephesus, Turkey

At Santorini, Greece we took the cable car up to the town atop the 980′ cliffs to panoramic vistas of white-washed buildings on barren rock surrounded by deep blue sea! Our final port of call was Corfu, Greece which looked more Italian than Greek. We spent our final euros on coffee, the local drink:  Cappuccino Freddo, espresso with cold frothed milk.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Splendour of the Seas returned to Venice. The vacation had been a success. Until we can do it again I relive it by sharing my photos and telling my stories.

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