Managing the Tour Manager

Taking the 15 day class was just the beginning.  Since then I have been very busy getting ready to start working.

Order business cards

Set up Facebook page for your Touring Business

Start a blog (you’re reading it)

Read books, visit sites over and over again, make notes, read more books

Take CPR class and buy first aid kit

California State Capitol

Open Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, start a Meet You in the Morning Facebook page

Attempt to start a Vayable and Viator account

Buy clipboard with storage compartment for papers and pens

Buy day pack, pack with throat lozenges, gum, lip balm, and other necessaries

Buy an iPhone and take classes to learn how to use it.

Wells Fargo Stage Coach

Because of the iPhone upgrade operating system from Leopard to Snow Leopard and Lion, take more classes

Because of the upgrade upgrade iPhoto.  Still need to learn about that.

Because of the upgrade need more RAM.  Yet to do.

Because of my iPhone, husband needs iPhone!

Start a work calendar  (iCalendar and paper calendar) to keep everyone posted as to schedule.

Research shoes – comfortable chiropractor-approved shoes which will accommodate my custom orthotics

Buy shoes

Buy comfortable, non fussy tour outfits, and Meet-and-Greet suit

Research companies, write cover letters and email resumes – then do follow up calls.  Can be discouraging.

Check ITMI class Facebook page often to see what fellow classmates are up to and share encouraging posts.

Call ITMI friends to encourage especially when discouraged.

Give up coffee addiction because the need for periodic espresso shots doesn’t fit in the schedule

Wake up in the middle of the night thinking about ideas for commentary.

Buy props that would help with commentary

Organize notes, props, paperwork in expandable file box

Shadow other Tour Managers on tour

Bore your friends and husband with all the “Didja know?” stories you’ve learned.  Look forward to when you have a REAL audience.

Join a Toastmasters Club – still to do

Dream about exotic trips you want to manage – or be able to take on your own!

One response to “Managing the Tour Manager

  1. Merrill, I stumbled across your blog looking at business cards for TD’s. I just completed ITMI myself. Looks like you made a list as long I as I did in class! I would love to connect with you!


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