Positively Positano

We chose to travel to Italy because we love pizza, coffee, gelato, and Italian food.  I also love gardens, and the sea.  I positively found it all while in beautiful Sorrento and Positano.

The best cappuccini in Italy!

The garden breakfast at Il Roseto B&B had the best fresh squeezed orange juice.

Il Roseto B & B was our home for 2 nights in Sorrento, and although we didn’t have ocean views, we had the best cappuccinos of the entire trip along with fresh squeezed orange juice served outside in their lovely garden!  Aaaahhh, and only 70 euros a night.

The plan on Day 5 was to take the motor coach down the Amalfi Coast, one of the world’s most scenic coastal highways stopping in Positano and Ravello.  A few of us were first to arrive at the bus stop and we had a nice orderly line.  Of course the late arrivals were hanging around the front of the line so that when the bus arrived they moved in to get on the bus without waiting in line. I decided to stand my ground, pushed forward and “boxed” them out so that we could get on.

I wish we had come prepared to go swimming.

At Positano the bus drops you off at the top of the town and you stroll downhill into town.  Positano is very touristy and expensive, but it is so picturesque and the ocean was so blue.  It was a beautiful day and if we had swimsuits I would have swam in the ocean.

The bus trip had left my husband feeling queasy and he didn’t want to continue on down the coast.  We decided to just take it easy and strolled around Positano and down a seaside path to a neighboring little harbor resort and back.  We enjoyed the views, had the famous lemon granita, sampled gelato, put our feet in the water, took photos, and just slowed down long enough to sit and look.

By boating back to Sorrento we were able to view the coastline.  It was such a surprise to see Sorrento perched on a cliff.  

We walked around the town, had dinner, and returned to Il Roseto for another night and glorious breakfast.

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