Roman Surprise!!!

It was our last day in Rome – and it ended with a pleasant surprise!

Our last day in Rome was a very full day spent in the Vatican City doing the Scavi Tour, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums.  St. Peter’s Basilica is HUGE and walking the Vatican Museums is a 4 mile trek. I had hoped we would walk through Trastevere, the “real Rome” on our way back to our room, but my feet were so blistered and sore I could hardly shuffle to the bus stop.

Serenaders at dinner

After a rest I got my second wind back, but my feet still hurt so we took our innkeeper’s suggestion to dine in a little restaurant just down the street and I had a delightful 5-course dinner for 15 euros at La Fontana al Viminale, where three different musicians came around to serenade us! 

On a whim, I decided that it would be cool to see the Coloseum one more time – all lit up at night.  Even though my feet were killing me I knew we could ride the Metro to the Coloseum station, and just pop outside the door to take a photo.  Imagine my surprise when we discovered that it was illuminated with RED lights!!!

The only explanation that we came up with is that is was to honor the Chinese. Our B & B Armonia della Opera was directly across the street from the Opera House and we had noticed that it was all decorated with Chinese decorations and when we had gone out the street was closed to traffic and there were police, paparazzi, and protestors.  We had unknowingly witnessed the Chinese President when he was getting out of his limo at the Opera House!

A red Coloseum was so awesome!  

How many people get to see that?

We’ll never forget the sight of the red Colosseum!

Some final thoughts on Rome: Rome wasn’t as brutal as Rick Steves warned it could be.  We always felt safe – and never saw any diversions, pickpocket artists, or gypsies. Bathrooms weren’t as bad as expected and it was easy to get around on public transportation.

I loved Rome! I hope we can return some day.

I loved this Peter Wentzel painting at the Vatican Museum.  It was massive – 11′ x 8′ – and so colorful!!!

Up next:  We head South. Meet You in the Morning in Napoli and Sorrento.

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