We scream for ice cream!


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

This is a true account of the flavors of gelati we ordered each day. Yes, some days we ordered gelato three times with three flavors each!

Day 1:  Pistachio, Chocolate

Day 2:  Lemon, Bacio (Kiss)

Day 3:  Melon, Fig

Day 4:  Coffee, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Eggnog, Ricotta Strawberry

Day 5:  Lemon, Chocolate Swirl, Chocolate, Tiramisu, Coconut, Lemon creamy & sorbet, Cherry, White Chocolate, Bacio

Day 6:  Pistachio, Vanilla Chocolate Swirl, Pear, Buonatelli (a Florentine special flavor)

Day 7:  Espresso, Extra-dark Chocolate, Ricotta with Carmelized Fig, Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge

Day 8:  Tasted Curry & Pepper, ordered Lemon, Mandarin, and Hazelnut, Chocolate Fudge, Espresso

Day 9:  Mango, Chocolate, Blueberry, Extra-dark Chocolate, Caramel & Apple

Day 10:  Chocolate, Vanilla, Peach, Coffee

Day 11:  Chocolate, Espresso, Pink Grapefruit, Chocolate-Caramel, Tiramisu

Day 12:  Extra-dark Chocolate, Pistachio, Espresso

What can you deduce from the above list?

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